Paphos, Cyprus Latchi Harbour AA32, Polis
Monday to Sunday: 08:00 - 20:00

*** For same day bookings please contact us via WhatsApp.

*** Fuel is not included!

Self drive


• The company is referred to as “TRIDENT” and “the hirer” is referred to as the lead guest named on the booking, who is responsible and liable under the agreement.


• The hirer and all drivers must be 18 years of age or older and holder of a valid car driving licence.

• TRIDENT will not permit hire in contravention of these conditions. In this event, any money paid will be forfeited.


• PRICES – as advertised (Prices are exclusive of fuel. Fuel is supplied at local rates, and consumption is measured at the end of the trip).

• DAMAGE DEPOSIT – not required.
– insured, excess: €350 (on boats 100HP), €850 (on boats 150HP or over).

• PAYMENTS – to be made before departure.

• CANCELLATIONS – minimum 72 hours’ notice required (On Peak Season July-August-September a minimum of 7 days notice is required) regardless of the weather however, TRIDENT reserves the right to postpone bookings if sea conditions are unsafe and do not permit navigation. In case of cancellation on a shorter notice of the above, any deposit paid will be forfeited.


• TRIDENT will endeavor to provide the preferred boat to the hirer although this cannot be guaranteed as all boats are subject to availability. Whenever possible, a suitable alternative will be provided.


• Maximum number of guests permitted by each boat (5,7,8,10,12). A breach of this rule will immediately terminate the contract without any refund.


• The start and end will always be fixed at the same base, Latchi harbor.

• If the boat is returned more than 15 minutes late without authorization, TRIDENT will charge €100 penalty as this has a serious knock-on effect to our operation.


• Check-ins commence promptly at the allocated time with safety tuition given before departure.

TRIDENT will endeavor to commence the hire as promptly as possible.

• It is the hirer’s responsibility to arrive 15 minutes beforehand and no refund or compensation will be given for loss in time due to the late arrival of the hirer or their guests.


• Delays – the hirer will be liable for any extra costs and/or damages as a result of the boat not being available on time for the next hirer. If TRIDENT has to recover the boat and return it to the base themselves due to negligence, the hirer shall be liable for all the costs involved.

• Instructions & safety briefing – each session includes instructions & safety briefing. Following this, if it is in our opinion that the hirer or any of their guest are unable to safety drive and control the boat without risk to themselves and others, TRIDENT reserves the right to refuse the boat to be driven or crewed and no refund or recompense will be given. In this eventuality, the hirer can either pay for a skipper to drive the boat for the duration of the hire period which can be arranged at €20/hour. Thisservice can only be offered if available.

• Accident/damage – it is the hirer’s responsibility to take reasonable care of the boat. In the event of an accident to the hired boat or any other boat/property, the hirer must:

– Obtain and record the name and registration number of the other boat and names and address of all parties involved, including the other boat/s, boat hirer/s, property owner/s and any witnesses. Under no circumstances should the hirer or any other of their guests admit liability to any other person.

-Notify TRIDENT immediately by VHF radio or telephone with full details of the accident including damages incurred.


Grounding/propeller damage – the hirer shall not pass too closely to the shoreline, underwater rocks or enter shallow waters (less the 1,5meters) and must inform TRIDENT immediately if run aground or if the propeller has become entangled (engine must be turn off). The hirer will be liable for any damage or loss to the hull and/or propeller due to failures to comply with TRIDENT’S instructions. The hirer shall have no claim on TRIDENT as a result of failure of any boat or breakdown, its equipment or for any delays caused by repairs to any boat or its equipment.


All persons using our boat do so at their own risk. TRIDENT does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury or accident suffered by the hirer or their guests during the course of the hire period, however caused.

• Sea conditions – TRIDENT reserve the right to cancel or alter all or any part of the hire without prior notice, where it is considered there might be any risk to guests’ comfort or health/safety if sea conditions are deemed unsafe for boats to navigate. In this event, TRIDENT will offer an alternative hire for a future booking. Refund/part refund/compensation will be available only if TRIDENT decides so in the event of the hire not going ahead due to weather or unsafe sea conditions.

• Life jackets – it is advisable for guests to wear life jackets (this is mandatory for children and no swimmers).
• Unreasonable behavior – TRIDENT reserves the right to cease the hire if in their option, the hirer or any of their guest are unsuitable to drive the boat or remain on board because of unreasonable behaviour caused by the influence of alcohol/drugs or any other reason and because this such behavior is causing or is likely to cause a nuisance to neighbors or danger to themselves or any other person/s or damage to any property in this event, TRIDENT will have no further responsibilities or liability and no refunds will be made or expenses met.

• Speed – the speed restriction when entering the bays, it is strictly 3 miles/hour.

• Alcohol – the captain/driver is not permitted to drink whatsoever through the entire hire.

• Babies are at parents’/guardians’ risk.


• Litter rubbish (recycle bins) are available at our base at Latchi harbor. Under no circumstances whatsoever must any rubbish be thrown into the sea or left on the boat. Please take your rubbish with you and leave the boat as you found it. Excess cleaning will result in a €50 charge.


• Whilst TRIDENT has public liability insurance and strives to ensure every hire runs smoothly and without incident, the company shall not be liable or any matters arising from any cause: personal injury or death of hirer or their guest; damage/theft/loss to any of their property; breakdown or mechanical delays; weather conditions; cancelations.

1. They fall into the category of surface towable objects.

Article 2 (Interpretation) of the Speedboat Laws from 1992 to 2001 – Law 56 (I) / 1992):

“towable object” means any object that does not have its own independent mechanical power but it is hauled by a high-speed vessel, and for the purposes of this Law it also refers to any person who is hauled by the vessel.

2. Any person who is towed by the towable object must wear a life jacket or have a kind of buoyancy aid device.

Article 2 (Interpretation) of the Cruiser Laws from 1992 to 2001 – Law 56 (I) / 1992):

“Lifejacket” means a type of personal clothing that can be easily worn and securely fastened to the body of an adult person or a child, has buoyancy of at least fifteen (15) kilograms, without having to be filled with air, carries a whistle , has a distinct color and finally it is capable of holding the head of a user who does not keep his senses out of the water.

‘buoyancy device’ means a type of individual attachment which can be easily and securely worn and secured to the body of an adult person or a child, its buoyancy has to be equal to at least 10% of the weight of the person who wears it, without having to be filled with air and finally it has a distinct color.

Section 5 (1) (Speedboat Operator Obligations) of the High Speed Boats Laws from 1992 to 2001; L. 56 (I) / 1992):

The boat operator, must ensure that any person who is carried or towed by a vessel must wear a lifejacket or has or a buoyancy aid device.

Provisions for the safe use and operation of the surface trailer objects.

3. Regulation 27 (Surface Trailers) of the Speed Boats Regulations 1999 – CP 121/1999:

27. (1) Α surface trailer is any trailer towed on the sea surface.

(2) It is prohibited the use of towing rope and any machinery and articles that are used in order to tow a trailing surface object violating the manufacturer’s specifications or, in the absence thereof the practice gained by the marine experience.

(3) Rope fastening points which should not exceed 50 meters in length, or any other towing means to the high-speed boat and to the surface towable object, and all the mechanisms and materials must be in excellent condition and must be controlled by the owner and the boat’s operator too.

(4) Whenever a towed surface object is used, the owner and the operator of the high-speed boat must ensure that a second person is on board the boat who supervises the towing procedure, given the fact that the boat’s construction requires so.

(5) The owner and the operator of a high-speed boat must never tow a towable object in a surface less than 200 meters from the nearest shore, and less than 100 meters away from the signaled area of the bathing area adjacent to the shore.

(6) The owner and the boat operator must ensure that any person who is towed by a seawater towing boat, wears a life-jacket or has a buoyancy device and complies with the provisions of these Regulations.

(7) The towing of a towable object surface vessel by the owner and the operator of a high-speed boat is prohibited if violating the 16 knot wind speed limit for safe use or when the sea conditions are wavy, as well as before sunrise and after sunset.


• The hirer agrees that no person who is not a party to this agreement may enforce any term of this agreement.

Please note: It is the hirer’s responsibility to acquaint each guest with the above conditions of hire as laid down by TRIDENT.

We will endeavor to be as flexible as possible where we can.

Failure to abide by any of our terms and conditions will result in immediate loss of any money paid and we will also be reported to the relevant authorities where it is deemed necessary.

We reserve the right to use any photographs sent or posted by guests on our social media platforms unless guests have an objection to which they must let us know.